Grand Lodge of New Jersey 'District 24'

Free & Accepted Masons are a fraternal organization, rich in history, of men working towards "making good men better". We are involved in the betterment of one's self and the giving to charity. We live our lives "upon the square".

There are over 130 lodges in the State of New Jersey. You may recognize one of their buildings in your community or road signs as you drive. Look for the Masonic symbol.

  • What's required to be a Mason?

    There are prerequisites to be a Mason:
    - You must be a man of at least 18 years
    - You must be of good moral character and have 3 people willing to vouch for your character
    - You must believe in a Supreme Being

  • How do I become a Mason?

    Masons have a saying, "To Be 1, Ask 1".
    1. Seek out a lodge and speak to a member
    2. Talk to a friend or relation you know to be a Mason
    3. Introduce yourself and talk to those who display the Square and Compasses